Prevalence of clinically meaningful prognostic variability in cancer: An analysis using a new taxonomy system

Published in conjunction with the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting

Precise characterizations of tumor type to permit “precision” medicine are required for optimal outcomes and to facilitate payment reforms. ICD9 codes lump multiple cancer subtypes together (eg: all lung cancers ICD9 162.x). To enable comparisons of similar tumor types a new taxonomy system, amenable to computerized searching, has been created that embraces the complexity of cancer.

Authors: Andrew Pecora, Eric V Schultz, Kelly Choi, Augie Smith, Brian LaRock, Dhakshila Paramanathan, William T. DeRosa, Andre Goy, Edward J. Licitra, David Samuel DiCapua Siegel, Stuart L. Goldberg; Cancer Outcomes Tracking and Analysis, New York, NY; Regional Cancer Care Associates - Carol G Simon Cancer Center, Morristown, NJ; Regional Cancer Care Associates - John Theurer Cancer Center, Hackensack, NJ; Regional Cancer Care Associates - Central Jersey Division, Somerset, NJ

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