A new digital classification schema to detect treatment variances and enable value based payment reforms

Poster Presentation at 2016 ASCO Quality Symposium

Value based payment reforms which improve the outcome to cost ration (paying for outcomes not for services) require detailed information on both elements. Although the digitalization of medicine via the EHR may facilitate data collection, the imprecise ICD9 and ICD10 schemas hinder analysis (eg: all breast cancers are ICD9 174.9). A more precise classification schema that accounts for biologic variances to allow analysis (and reduction) of treatment variances is needed.

Authors: Andrew Pecora, Eric V Schultz, Kelly Choi, William Kea, Augie Smith, Cindy Kim, Matthew Axelrod, Teresa Fletcher, Matthew Love, Ruth Pe Benito, Samira Daswani, Sukhi Kaur, Kathyrn Tanenbaum, James Schaffer, Ali Hasan, Dilip Raj, Kumar Bharath Prabhu, Kiran Suryadevara, Ryan Callahan, Stuart L. Goldberg; COTA, New York, NY

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