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Our Approach

We uncover answers that bring clarity to cancer treatment by combining our deep oncology expertise with proprietary technology and analytics.

Because when we see clearly, we can make sure that everyone touched by cancer finds the right path to the optimal care.

Classifying Cancer

What we do:

We gather and organize your most meaningful data, including treatments and outcomes, and assign every patient to a clinically-driven advanced classification system (a COTA Nodal Address, or CNA).

How it works:

The CNA creates a “digital code” for each patient’s cancer journey, so that it’s easy to group your patients and see unwarranted variation in treatment plans, outcomes, and costs. The specific elements of the CNA are vetted by an advisory board of subspecialist oncology experts who verify that all information is accurate, evidence-based, and meaningful.

Why it matters:

We analyze your data so that you can use it to optimize clinical outcomes across your patient population, accelerate innovation and research, and advance dialogue with payers to ensure appropriate financial reimbursement.

Getting Focused

How can the CNA and real-world data help reduce variation and improve care and quality outcomes?

Our data lets you look deeply at performance and outcomes across your provider organization, so you can identify variation and take action to improve care quality and outcomes.    

How does the CNA answer the question, “How Many Patients Have You Seen Like Me”?

Our numerical classification system clusters patients with clinically similar disease characteristics, so that you gain a clearer, fuller picture, and uncover insights that could impact treatment decisions and outcomes.  

How do we derive value from disorganized data?

Our approach makes sense of all the relevant aspects of the patient journey from your medical records - data in physician notes, pathology, radiology, surgical reports, genomic testing results and to develop a longitudinal patient record and comprehensive picture of care.

How is the organized data delivered?

Our easy-to-use data visualization tools display your data in the clearest, most impactful way. Data is also available in a variety of file formats to suit your preferences for additional data analysis.

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Bringing clarity
to cancer

We are working to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care.