Cota OCM™

Cota OCM—part of the CNA Guided Care™ Platform—is the provider’s hub for gathering data, reporting metrics, and optimizing results for the Oncology Care Model (OCM) program.

Providers experience the power of Cota’s technology through Cota's proprietary CNA Guided Care™ Platform. The CNA Guided Care™ Platform has three modules that bring the power of real-world evidence directly into your web browser, fully leveraging Cota's unique data enrichment capabilities for Clinical, Financial, and OCM program use cases.

CNA Guided Care™ enables all members of the care team to ask questions and get actionable answers from fully processed, longitudinal patient data with just a few clicks.  Its native calculation layer and advanced filtering capabilities allow almost unlimited flexibility in data exploration, and all reports are easily exported.

Cota OCM™ is a powerful technology solution that solves the time-consuming data gathering and reporting challenges providers face. Additionally, Cota OCM™ provides data-informed insights for improving performance on practice-reported quality measures, helping program participants maximize benefits and drive success with the OCM program

Automate Data Gathering and Reporting

With ever-increasing and evolving reporting requirements, a technology solution is essential to alleviate the time-consuming data gathering and reporting activities necessary for providers participating in OCM.

Cota OCM™ extracts relevant structured and unstructured data for all practice-reported OCM quality measures from any standard EHR, calculates it in the appropriate submission format, and automates reporting to CMS.

Optimize Program Performance

The OCM program offers tremendous participation- and performance-based benefits. Cota OCM™ enables practices to optimize and transform program performance with a data-driven approach to remediation and internal dashboards for continuous visibility.

Identify institutional gaps at a glance with dashboards for each individual measure, physician, treatment site, and patient. Remediate treatment while there is still time left in the episode of care, and identify follow-up actions that will maximize performance benefits available in the OCM model.

Support Your Practice With Expert Guidance

Navigating the nuanced requirements for OCM necessitates a robust technology solution combined with expert guidance and support for long-term success in the transition to value-based reimbursement.

Founded by oncologists, and with a team of clinical and technology experts versed in the latest CMS updates, Cota is uniquely positioned to advise oncology practices to succeed with the OCM program.

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