Cota Financial™

The CNA Guided Care™ Platform is the most powerful and easy-to-use solution for analyzing and visualizing real-world, patient-level clinical and cost data.

Providers experience the power of Cota’s technology through Cota's proprietary CNA Guided Care™ Platform. The CNA Guided Care™ Platform has three modules that bring the power of real-world evidence directly into your web browser, fully leveraging Cota's unique data enrichment capabilities for Clinical, Financial, and OCM program use cases.

CNA Guided Care™ enables all members of the care team to ask questions and get actionable answers from fully processed, longitudinal patient data with just a few clicks.

Its native calculation layer and advanced filtering capabilities allows almost unlimited flexibility in data exploration, and all reports are easily exported.

See The Whole Picture

Cota Financial™ gives you a comprehensive, birds-eye view of all patients and diseases and their associated costs.

Identify trends, see aggregations, and understand distributions between patients, doctors, service lines, sites and diseases

Analyze Total Cost Of Care And Utilization

Understanding the true cost of care and utilization for different patients and populations is essential for providers, particularly in a world shifting to value-based models. 

Cota Financial™ combines Cota's uniquely powerful approach to clinical data organization with detailed cost data, giving providers a true cost of care that can be analyzed across multiple dimensions.

Reduce Financial Variance

Understanding cost is only the beginning—true value-based care models require generating insights that can lead to action.

Cota Financial™ helps providers discover the underlying drivers of cost variance and helps quickly identify how to reduce it while maintaining or increasing quality and outcomes.

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