Cota Research™

The CNA® Platform is the most powerful and easy-to-use solution for analyzing and visualizing real-world, patient-level clinical and cost data.

Cota Research™ provides researchers with a uniquely powerful approach to transforming and stratifying real-world patient data. Cota's technology provides a powerful software solution and network for researchers explore Real-World Evidence in a web-based platform.

Research-Grade, Real-World Evidence

Cota Research™ leverages Cota's research-grade clinical data for deep longitudinal analysis for every patient. Cota's technology extracts structured and unstructured data directly from electronic health records (EHRs) and enriches it with clinically-relevant detail.

Visualize Data In A Completely New Way

The Cota Research™ Platform is a completely new way for academic researchers to explore Real-World Evidence in a web-based platform.

Conduct dynamic comparisons of patient cohorts, and understand the impact of different treatment approaches and interventions. Cota Research™ includes the powerful CNA classification to help generate critical research insights.

World-Class Research Network

Cota has a world-class advisory board of scientific & clinical experts, and provides a network of de-identified clinical data for researchers to utilize.

Cota is also dedicated to helping support research efforts, having jointly co-authored over 15 published studies.

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