Our Approach

We believe in the power of leveraging real-world data and evidence to gain actionable insights and inform crucial decisions to advance cancer care.

COTA uses oncology expertise as well as abstraction technology to curate meaningful, longitudinal, and de-identified data to enable insight generation. We form deep and collaborative life sciences partnerships and shape the real-world evidence standards of regulatory bodies.

The right data at the right time can help you:


the market for current and future products


decisions about future therapeutic applications


drug development and build the comparator arms of clinical trials


new ways of thinking about how trials are designed

Getting Focused

Where does our data come from?

We synthesize clinical data from multiple sources, including academic and community cancer programs across the United States. We create a comprehensive and longitudinal view of the EMR including treatment regimens, pathology, genomic data. We also use non-EMR sources such as publicly available and proprietary databases, to generate a rich and precise dataset for use by life sciences companies.

What makes COTA different?

We partner with life sciences organizations to strategically analyze and bolster the position of their products in the market using real-world data, while staying ahead of the curve of the real-world evidence landscape.

How has COTA’s data been used to support life sciences companies?

Our data has been used to support clinical trials, HEOR and commercial teams. Our system is EMR agnostic and consolidates data from different formats into a standardized view, drawing from academic and community cancer care programs across the United States.

How can our real-world data make clinical trials more efficient and effective?

Real-world evidence can accelerate drug development by helping to assess market opportunity, inform and optimize clinical trial design, and enable observational trials. COTA offers you a clear picture of real-world treatment and outcomes, with insights into how different drugs are used, or how an innovation will fit into or advance the current standard of care. As real-world evidence is increasingly applied in regulatory-decision making, our data can help optimize trial design and drive comparator cohorts.

Interested in learning more about how hidden insights from real world data can transform cancer care?


Bringing clarity
to cancer

We are working to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care.