Data & Technology

Complete, secure, and backed by medical and technical expertise—Cota's technology transforms data to help health care professionals make better decisions.

Cota transforms raw patient data into insights with a secure, cutting-edge ingestion and enrichment engine combined with years of experience from a team of medical and technology professionals.

Automated Ingestion & Enrichment

Cota's platform can ingest data programmatically from any EHR and many clinical systems, using HL7 and FHIR connections, as well as CSV, JSON, XML files, and API calls.

Our technology turns inaccurate, incomplete, and unstructured data into complete, accurate, and precise records.

Enterprise-grade Data Security

Cota's cloud-hosted product suite utilizes physically-isolated, HIPAA compliant, server instances to isolate and protect Protected Health Information (PHI) at all times.

Cota utilizes HTTPS connections for all transmissions externally and internally and AES-256 encryption for all data at rest within the system.

Medical & Oncological IQ

Cota's medical team of oncologists, physicians, and nurses provide expert guidance to inform the design and development of all products, and perform comprehensive quality assurance on enriched data, ensuring best-in-class accuracy and precision

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