Cota Nodal Address® System

The CNA® Platform is the most powerful and easy-to-use solution for analyzing and visualizing real-world, patient-level clinical and cost data.

The Cota Nodal Address system is a breakthrough method of precisely classifying patients and their disease using a concise digital code to enable precision medicine at scale.

CNAs Map All Major Diseases

The patented The Cota Nodal Address System organizes the complexities of patients and their diseases in a form that permits detailed analysis of outcomes, toxicities, practice patterns, and cost.

The CNA system covers all serious diseases and  has been commercially launched first in oncology.

The CNA system is the product of over a decade of work by a group of expert clinicians and researchers, and is regularly updated to incorporate all the biological, practice, and treatment factors that matter.

CNAs Enable Delivery Of Precision Medicine At Scale

The era when diseases like lung cancer were “small cell lung cancer” or “non-small cell lung cancer” is long past.  Today, precision medicine at scale requires a variety of additional information, like characterization of tumor type and genomic profiling.

Go Beyond Population Health Approaches

Generalized population health based guidelines often don't reflect the individualized nature of many diseases, particularly cancer.

Existing classification methodologies and guidelines lack the level of specificity required to properly evaluate outcomes, quality, and financial implications on a per-patient basis.

CNAs give healthcare companies a better way to organize and stratify patients.

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