January 8, 2019
Mike Doyle

HIMSS19: The Importance of Data and Managing Expectations

It’s that time of year again! As we get ready for all that HIMSS has to offer and learn about exciting opportunities in healthcare, it’s important to manage expectations around what is going to be accomplished at the conference. It’s no surprise that HIMSS continues to get bigger and bigger every year, but many of the same things are still being discussed - Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, data security and improving efficiencies, to name a few.

In healthcare, there is so much promise and so much opportunity for technology to deliver the best care possible - but we seem to be on a gerbil wheel of grand promises where the follow through has been well behind on the delivery.

Making the right promises

Some companies are running into problems when overpromising what their technology can deliver, and often end up under-delivering. The promise that fails is that these technologies can solve all problems. Realistically, that will not happen any time soon. However, the promises we should be making address when these results will occur and how can they be measured.

While companies are excited about what their technology can offer, doctors and clinical experts are finding it hard to trust and accept the promises that technologies are offering. These providers are trained to rely on and trust data and evidence, and technology companies should be prepared to support their claims to alleviate any remaining concerns.

Where is the proof?

Many of the promises currently made lack the proof point from which to demonstrate value. Real-world evidence (RWE) can help address these gaps and provide appropriate proof points outside the confines of a clinical trial. In oncology care, RWE is allowing oncologists to better understand how patients can benefit or react to certain treatments based on similar patients who underwent the same treatment. By applying a framework that organizes de-identified patient data, RWE can be used to provide deep and accurate real-world clinical evidence in real-time – allowing for the ability to make a difference at the point of care.

Now, data that is simply being captured is not as helpful if researchers can’t properly understand it or put it to use to make an impact on the care that patients receive. RWE is providing necessary proof points on cancer treatments that hospitals and providers rely on when delivering care. Beyond this, the payer and pharmaceutical industries are beginning to explore this data when it comes to determining what cancer drugs or therapeutic treatments are or are not working in an effort to put patients on an appropriate treatment path while improving overall patient care.

At COTA, we’re continuing to see the value of RWE, and how proper organization and application of this evidence can benefit patients in real time. We’re committed to helping physicians and researchers have access to the right patient data that will help have a meaningful impact on the care they provide.

Many companies are starting to see “wins” when applying RWE and targeting in on specific health issues or diseases. By stratifying according to patients’ genetic similarities, we are seeing that RWE can make a difference in determining what treatment paths may be appropriate in the real world, not just in clinical trials with rigid eligibility criteria. It’s simple – in order for technologies to be successful, there needs to be proof that it works, not only in clinical trials and the lab, but in the real world.

Preparing for HIMSS

COTA is excited to be attending HIMSS this year to discuss the benefits of RWE and how it can deliver clinically relevant insights to improve overall cancer care while reducing costs. We look forward to learning, meeting and networking with others over topics such as innovation, population health management, disruptive care models, etc.

Stop by booth #978 (near the Personalized Health Experience space) if you're interested in learning more about the use of RWE for oncology care. You can also contact us at meetus@cotahealthcare.com to schedule some time to connect during HIMSS. Be sure to follow our social media channels - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter - for more information on COTA’s presence at HIMSS and what we’re excited to see.

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