March 12, 2019

COTA Team Member Spotlight: Kaeleigh Farrish

Welcome to the first COTA Team Member Spotlight! As a company that builds solutions that analyze real-world data to deliver clinically relevant insights that improve cancer care, we want to step back and feature the wonderful COTA team members (called CO10s) who are helping  us achieve this goal. This blog series will highlight team members at all levels within the company and reveal what drives them to do the work they love every day.

The first CO10 that we are featuring in this spotlight series is Kaeleigh Farrish, COTA’s Director of Operations & Delivery Services! Keep reading to learn why she decided to join the COTA team and what her job means to her.

Why did you decide to join the COTA team?

I’ve spent my entire career at the intersection of cancer care and technology, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. A few years ago I decided I wanted to move to a cancer-specific data analytics firm with significant and meaningfully integrated clinical guidance that was EMR agnostic at its core. When I learned about COTA and the CNA, I knew I had found my match. As we approach widespread EMR adoption, it’s becoming increasingly imperative to unlock, organize, analyze, and leverage that data in ways that empower us to provide better cancer care.

Why do you like working for COTA?

Kaeleigh pictured with her mom, a former oncology nurse, and her dad, who beat basal cell carcinoma last year.

At COTA, we identify treatment and outcome variance within and across patient cohorts to help ensure that patients receive the most appropriate care for their specific disease and biological indicators. Cancer touches all of us, which is an unfortunate and universal truth. Recently, another family member of mine was diagnosed with an aggressive, advanced form of cancer. I’m feeling renewed urgency to ensure that our products and services are as powerful and helpful as possible, knowing that this information, in the hands of clinicians, can give patients, like my aunt, their best chance to beat cancer.

What would you like to tell someone who is considering a job in the oncology space? Why is your job important to you?

Like most of us, I’ve lost friends and family to the disease, always too quickly. I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with engineers, health system leaders, clinicians, and countless others to develop products and services that support and enable health systems to provide better care for their cancer patients. At the end of any long or particularly trying day, I always center myself with the reminder that our work helps to improve cancer care and moves us ever so slightly toward that beautiful, audacious goal of creating a world without cancer. It’s an honor to be in this fight.

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