July 8, 2019

Behind the Brand: Unpacking Our New Look

If you’ve scrolled through our social channels or visited our website recently, you may have observed a different look and feel. At COTA, we work to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care. We are pleased to share our updated brand that aligns with our company’s mission and values.

We partnered with New York-based brand consultancy RedPeak to develop our brand strategy, messaging and visual identity. Through this collaboration we identified our north star and the key benefit that we deliver, clarity. This not only speaks to our fundamental purpose as a business - bringing clarity to cancer - but it commands a high level of transparency and accountability from COTA as a company, something we are fully committed to.

“Through its people and technology COTA has the opportunity to unlock insights that will transform the face of cancer care. RedPeak was thrilled to partner with COTA to help the company recognize the benefit it creates - clarity - and to use this as the lens for all business and branding decisions moving forward.” - David Ricart, Creative Director, Red Peak

Keeping Patients at the Center of Care

COTA has always been clear about patients being at the center of our mission. Our new brand highlights the faces of real people, reminding us of the humanity behind our technology, and the people and families we are helping. Most of our team members, called CO10s, are driven by their own personal connection to cancer, and many of these stories can be seen in our offices, on our cancer stories wall, and in the employee spotlights, featured on our blog.

“Since joining COTA last year, I have been struck by the passion of our team members for our mission to improve the lives of all cancer patients. As our new external brand reflects, ‘clarity’ is key to better outcomes regardless if you are a treating physician, life sciences executive or curious to learn more about COTA.”  I am grateful to the team for developing an external brand that amplifies this important work.” - Mike Doyle, CEO, COTA

Reinvigorating Our Mission

We are entering a new age in oncology research and are excited to be driving a strong understanding of cancer as the landscape continues to evolve. Through new partnerships with the FDA, expanded work with The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, and our work alongside industry thought leaders, we are creating a precise and comprehensive picture of cancer in order to improve the lives of cancer patients everywhere. We hope you will join us on this mission.

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Bringing clarity
to cancer

We are working to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care.