Improving the lives of cancer patients everywhere with data and technology

Cota builds solutions for healthcare to analyze, visualize, report, and manage real-world evidence and deliver precision medicine

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Cota's mission is to enable the optimization of clinical outcomes for every individual patient and to reduce the total cost of care for the population served

Cota enables the delivery of precision medicine at scale by building real-world evidence that is digitally organized and classified using the patented Cota Nodal Address® System. A powerful suite of software tools empowers actionable hypothesis testing, visualization, and decision-making.

How it Works:

1. Transform any Clinical data source

Cota's platform securely connects to, enriches, and makes sense of all clinically relevant aspects of the patient journey in the EHR, including unstructured data in notes and lab reports. Learn more about Cota's technology.

2. Classify using the CNA® System

Cota stratifies and cohorts patient data in a uniquely powerful way using the patented Cota Nodal Address® (CNA) system, and joins clinical data to cost, claims and utilization. Learn more about the CNA system.

3. Providers Analyze using CNA Platform

Analyze and visualize data to gain insights into real-world practice patterns, outcomes, costs, and quality across patients, physicians, and practices using the web-based CNA Platform, including Cota Clinical, Cota Financial, and Cota OCM modules for providers.

4. research and Life Sciences leverage data with CNA Research™  Platform

The CNA Research Platform provides a completely new way for life sciences and academic researchers to explore Real-World Evidence. See the full longitudinal picture of patients, obtain a deep understanding of real-world practice patterns, and adjust strategy based on new insights.

Why Cota?

Real-world, research-grade data

Cota enriches and structures all clinically relevant patient data into a source of usable information. Cota builds and organizes research-grade clinical data, joins it with cost, claims, and utilization data, and generates the richest, most accurate, and most precise patient data available.

Insights for everyone

Cota is the most powerful software designed to meet the analysis and visualization needs across the modern healthcare organization, including the care team, research, quality improvement, and healthcare administrators. Drill into optimization opportunities at any point of the patient care continuum.

Automate reporting and reduce costs

Cota enables you to share data with other clinical systems and processes, and dramatically reduces the time and complexity of reporting. Automatically transform and send data for quality programs, alternative reimbursement models, compliance and regulatory needs, and accelerate the adoption of value-based payment models.

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