Our Approach

We combine oncology expertise with advanced technology and analytics to organize real-world, fragmented data in order to guide decisions and actions.

Together, we can bring clarity to cancer care.

We improve your ability to:

Analyzeand manage
Optimize‍clinical outcomes
for every patient
Reduceunnecessary variance in the overall quality of care
Improve‍the value of care
“COTA was founded in 2011 by oncologists, engineers, and data scientists, with one aim in mind: to transform cancer care so that every patient gets the right treatment. That’s not a mission we can achieve alone. We are committed to working with providers, payers, life sciences companies, patients and the FDA to change how cancer is studied and treated.”
Andrew Pecora, M.D. Founder & Chairman

Let’s work together to transform cancer care.


Bringing clarity
to cancer

We are working to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care.